Do your journeys not appear in the Diary? – Android operating system

Last Updated: 30 November 2023Categories:

The functioning of Wecity app depends on the basic settings of your smartphone. First check that your Android operating system is updated and that the Wecity app is the latest available version.

If the Wecity app is still not functioning properly, especially regarding incorrect or failed tracking, follow these steps before starting a journey:

  • Switch your smartphone off and on again
  • Switch GPS (location service) off and on again
  • Enable background operation. Depending on the Android version, you can find two different items in the battery settings of your smartphone:
    • the item “Start” or “Start the app”: deactivate the automatic management by switching off the corresponding button. Three items appear and must be active (automatic start, secondary start, run in the background). At the end, Wecity app will be in Manual Management
    • the items “Protected apps” or “Unmonitored apps” or “Apps never suspended”: Wecity must be in these sections
  • Deactivate energy-saving functions. Every smartphone has energy saving and/or battery optimisation services or Battery Saver in its settings.
  • Permissions: Wecity must be able to access the Location and Motion Sensor (physical activity)
  • Set high accuracy in location detection from the privacy section of your smartphone

Allow the GPS to best pinpoint your location by proceeding as follows, if possible:

  • start the app when you are outside: a large tree, high walls of buildings, in a vehicle, but also the pocket of a backpack or handbag might be as obstacles for accurate location detection
  • give the GPS time to find your location

Keep in mind that in the same location and at the same time on different days, the app may deliver different performance. This is because not everything relies on Wecity. Your device needs signals from about 5 satellites to obtain an accurate average of your location: their movement, changes in weather conditions and in the Earth’s atmosphere can impact Wecity’s functionality.