“MOVE GREEN AND GET YOUR BONUS” is an initiative that Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions Spa offers to its employees and that will involve the following types of sustainable mobility: bicycle, feet, scooter (not in sharing), car pooling and public transport, in order to reward these possibilities for sustainable travel, measuring the reduction of CO2 emissions from commuting to work in accordance with current legislation.
The project is aimed at promoting alternative modes of transport to the use of private motorised vehicles, in order to promote modes of transport aimed at protecting the environment and improving health, the safety and psychophysical well-being of people.

Art. 1 – How the Project works
The challenge is open to all employees to count home-work-home travel on foot, by bike, scooter, public transport, car pooling, from 1 February 2024 to 30 November 2024. The mobility systems mentioned above must be used in full compliance with the Highway Code. For each move, the Wecity app calculates the CO2 saved, the kilometers traveled and creates a ranking among employees based on that value.
This new service allows the employee, who has accumulated in one or both of the below mentioned detection periods at least 30 valid days in the Tetra Pak mission on the Wecity App on the journey home-work-home via the following means of transport: bike, scooter not in sharing, walking, car pooling and public transport to be able to redeem in full or in part a prize made available by the Company.
1 valid day = at least 1 commute from home to work or return home on the same day (Monday to Friday, no holidays and not during company closures).

The periods of detection of access to the app are:
01 February 2024 – 30 June 2024
01 July 2024 – 30 November 2024.

Art. 2 – Participants
The initiative is open to all employees by Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions Spa.

Art. 3 – Registration procedure
Registration will only take place through the Wecity app for iOS and Android. Once you have downloaded the application and registered with your personal email address, you must enter the TETRAPAK24 initiative code and complete the required data.
At the end of the procedure, lasting about 2 minutes, the application will communicate the registration to the race and you can start recording your movements with the Wecity app.

Art. 4 – Conditions for participation
To participate you must comply with the following requirements:
• have a mobile device with iOS 13.0 or ANDROID 8.0 operating system, with GPS system working to measure home-work-home routes.
• activate the app at the beginning of each journey home-work and work-home and disable it on arrival;
• in case of use of scooter or electric bike, these vehicles must be equipped with bluetooth for connection to the Wecity app, this allows the correct recognition of the movement.

Art. 5 – Route calculation
1 valid day = at least 1 commute from home to work or return home on the same day (Monday to Friday, no holidays and not during company closures). The sustainable means considered will be: bike, walking, carpooling, electric scooter and public transport.
It is not necessary to follow the shortest route, it is also possible to make intermediate stops along the way, provided that the total duration of the single journey home-work-home does not exceed 4 hours.

Art. 6 – Ranking
The ranking, based on the amount of CO2 saved, is always updated in real time and can be consulted within the App Wecity.

Art. 7 – Award recognition
Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions Spa has determined that the award will be paid up to 150€ bonus per survey period will be paid to employees upon reaching a no. minimum of valid days of access to the Wecity app (for the move home-work-home) equal to:
– 30 days from 01.02.2024 to 30.06.2024
– 30 days from 01.07.2024 to 30.11.2024

Art. 8 – Communication and Assistance
For general information and tutorials on using the app, please refer to the wecity site FAQ: Alternatively, you can use the e-mail contact or the Whatsapp channel 377 350 6646 (only messages, no calls).
For further information on the project or clarification, please write to Welfare Italy

Art. 9 – Information for the processing of personal data pursuant to Article 13 of the European Regulation No. 679/2016
The Data Sharing Agreement establishes the sharing of Personal Data (name and surname) between the Parties, each as Data Controller. The Parties consider the sharing of Personal Data necessary to allow the award